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Where ATL meets NPR

Despite Extreme HIV Charges, Georgia Institutes Ignoring LGBT Gender Ed

Choose 100 schools that are high the state, and also the Atlanta-based Centers for condition Control and protection says an approximation of you are going to consist of sexual intercourse training geared to LGBT youth.An audio form of this document, since known on All Things Considered

Kaleb Anderson’s just one.

Kaleb is just a junior at Atlanta’s B.E.S.T Academy high-school, an all-male, primarily African-American community senior school in Southwest Atlanta.

“They dont raise up anything other than a man along with a woman sex that is having” he says. At all,” he adds“With me being out and gay and sitting in a sex ed class where they’re just talking about a heterosexual man and woman having sex, [it] doesn’t really apply to me.

Kaleb, who is Ebony, claims their family foretells him about safer-sex. He or she thinks he or she understands enough to protect themselves. Exactly What he didn’t understand had been that a younger black colored homosexual boyfriend in Atlanta just who starts doing naughty things at age 18 has a 60 percent chance for becoming HIV-positive by the period of 30, based on one review.

“I don’t obtain frightened commonly, but that actually frightens myself,” Kaleb says upon hearing the statistic. (altro…)

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