’90 Fiance’ Lisa Hamme Says She’s Open to Allowing Usman Umar to Practice Polygamy day!

’90 Fiance’ Lisa Hamme Says She’s Open to Allowing Usman Umar to Practice Polygamy day!

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90 time Fiance: ahead of the ninety days identity, Usman Umar , dished about their dirty relationship with Lisa “Babygirl” Hamme , on a current bout of Angela Yee’s podcast, Lip services.

The not likely pair purportedly wed albanianpersonals in March, but lovers tend to be dubious that the Nigerian rap artist, aka “SojaBoy,” was with it for an eco-friendly cards and TLC popularity.

Cheating gossip have already been after Lisa Hamme “Babylove,” and Usman didn’t squelch conjecture throughout the current talk fest.

Usman Umar suggested into believing that she might hurt herself — and that was only the beginning that he was sticking with Lisa Hamme because she tricked him.

An interviewer questioned Usman Umar if he had been crazy about their US bride — and Usman’s dry response lifted listener eyebrows.

“Yeah, i must end up being,” he mentioned flatly. “Because an agent who has become you get used to that person with you almost every day. And should you don’t speak to that individual, often you neglect all of them. Thus because of the opportunity you begin lacking someone, absolutely I think you adore all of all of them or perhaps you look after all of all of them.”

Usman Umar verified that their songs profession has become number 1, and accepted which he performed occasionally question their partnership with Lisa. If the podcasters hinted which he is “trapped” by Lisa, 52, Usman performedn’t keep back.

“Honestly, I’m able to say yes. I could say yes,” Usman confessed. “The aim the following is that i’m carrying this out to produce Lisa delighted.”

Usman Umar , 31, fell a polygamy bombshell—revealing that he’s ready to accept marrying women that are multiple. He revealed that in Nigeria, Muslim boys can legitimately get married as much as four wives, for as long as they could economically supporting all of them just as. (altro…)

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